Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am making good progress in Droids for Sale.  I've been working on it for a month now and am ready for it to be done.  It is a very tedious piece with wide expanses of brown.  The droids and Jawas are very detailed with many colors in them.  I spend much of my time stitching the background by planning what I will do next.  I still haven't decided, but I do know one thing: It will NOT have any brown in it.

I don't prefer large, intricate designs.  I need to see progress.  I need to see a finished product every few weeks.  Otherwise I will get bored and discouraged and the piece will go unfinished.  And I hate starting a new project if I have one that is still unfinished.  If that happens, I know that it will never get done.  I am contemplating doing a quick, one day piece that will be a nice interlude, but then think that I should just stay on track and stitch through the boredom so that it will be done and I can move on for good.  ::sigh::

However, it is exciting to see it develop and I know that it will look great on my son's wall!

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  1. I love your project, what I do is stitch something else mini for an hour or two to break the boredom of a larger project. Keep it up your doing fabalous with it.