Friday, March 4, 2011

Color Me Inspired

I got home from work today and found a package on my doorstep - the one I was waiting for from  I really do love them!  Seeing these charts is giving me my missing inspiration to get moving on Droids for Sale.  I mean, look at all of those colors!  Pink!  Green!  Blue!  Hardly any brown at all!  The faster I stitch Droids, the faster I can move on to these beauties.  Yipeee!

On the other hand, this weekend is turning out to be pretty busy.  This evening my husband and I are going to a fancy shindig.  It is one of those fundraiser auctions for our son's school.  It should be fun and I always like a chance to get dressed up.  However my good friend can't go as her daughter is sick.  So I will have to work a bit harder to be especially charming and make new friends.  Eek!

Tomorrow will include a trip to check out hot tubs (we are in the beginning phases of redoing our back yard), opening ceremonies for Little League and then another night out with the hubby to see Avenue Q (a Valentine's Day gift).  Whew!  Sunday will be a little more laid back, but there is still t-ball practice right in the middle of my nap time.  By the time Monday gets here, I will be ready for a weekend!

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