Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happiness is sometimes just being finished...

I finally finished my Droids For Sale piece on the weekend!  You can't see my happy dance, but please trust me when I tell you that I am doing it.  I cannot tell you how tired I was of it.  That is the intrinsic problem with stitching a piece that I have not chosen - it is just not as much fun.  I am just thankful that my son went with this design rather than Spider Man.  Droids was boring with many colors.  It would have been a total snooze-fest with only three!

I was a stitching maniac all last week.  All I wanted to do was stitch so that I would be that much closer to being done with this sucker!  I didn't find this terribly enjoyable to do, but it does look good finished!

finished with wrinkles

ironed and wrapped on canvas - here in earthquake
country I don't like to put glass on my son's walls

Now on to a much more fun project!  I am doing the sausage dog from CrossStitcher issue 235 from February.

My husband has absolutely forbidden me from making it into a set of pillows as suggested and since it is his couch too, I feel that I *should* respect his opinion even if it is wrong.

So I will take these ingredients

Aida 14 - pewter
(my local shop didn't have the right color of evenweave)
DMC threads
navy crafters felt
green with pink polka-dots ribbon

and turn them into this

We will see how that goes.  It is a bit more complicated than I am used to, but as long as it is just straight stitches on my machine, I should be fine.

And finally I got a happy piece of news this morning from Sadie over at Stitching up a Storm.  I won her  Spring Chart Giveaway!  I almost never win things so when I do I am very excited.  I am off to buy a lottery ticket to capitalize on my good luck!

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  1. The droids look fab and I look forward to seeing your dog come to life :)