Friday, February 25, 2011


Now for my daily bit of whine...

I am so envious of the Brits!  Not only do they get the Royals and these fab marriages (complete with the day off work), they have a great cross stitch community.

Have you seen the amazing magazines that they have over there?  I haven't found an American mag that is as good.  To get these awesome magazines, I have to go to my newsstand where I am asked to pay a minimum of $9.99  And I do because they are so great!  (And then I share them with my mom to feel like I am getting more out of it.)  Unfortunately my local newsstand does not regularly carry them.  So I got tired of waiting and decided to suck it up and get a subscription to Cross Stitch Crazy.  But now I am waiting for  for the issue to show up, weeks after Royal Mail delivered it.

They have tons of group and shops.  The Los Angeles area has a handful of shops and no groups that I am aware of.  Everyone around here knits.

And I know no one my age who cross stiches.  I feel like I have a secret.  I am 35, soccer mom, school volunteer, with the hobby of someone who is twice my age.

Now I know from reading blogs that there are many young Yanks who also cross stitch, I just wish that it was a little more common - or that you all lived closer to me!

Thus ends our period of whining for today.  I will now have a sip of wine and contemplate which wedding announcement project I will do for Will and Kate!


  1. Oh, I can relate to what you are saying. I have not worked up the nerve to order a magazine subscription yet because I can't find one that suits me yet. Where I live the nearest cross stitch shop is over an hour away. There are no groups here and since making friends is next to impossible, I cannot tell you what is all the rage around these parts. Things sure have changed since I was a kid.

    Love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I appreciate your response to my fabric question.

  2. Darling cousin,

    Do not forget you have Brit DNA. Stitching is literally in your blood. You should be ogling the Royals; it is your obligation. That being said, we will have to plan a visit to sit and stitch!

    Also, I will work towards cleaning out some of the stitching of our relatives and will send them your way - I have boxes and boxes of fibery goodness handed down to me from our grandmother. For me, the stitch gene showed up early, and as soon as it was noted, Granny started giving me the laces, tattings, crochets, knits and cross stitches from generations of Brentons. I also have some ancient stitch patterns around somewhere.

    Better yet, perhaps we should plan a visit to go through the boxes together? How fabulous would that be???

    Love you,