Thursday, February 24, 2011

I just can't stay away...

My love affair with cross stitching can be broken down in three separate phases of my life: when I as a girl stitching with m granny.  These projects were of the child-friendly variety.  Unfortunately, I do not have any of the projects that I did at that time.  The second phases was after I finished my schooling and I was married.  Projects from this phase were gifts.  Similar to the first phase of my cross stitching development, I do not have any projects from this time.  However I know where to find them.  They are in the homes of my girlfriends who had babies at the time, my mother-in-law, and my mother.

I have recently entered into the most recent phase.  I was visiting my mother last fall and watched her stitching.  I got the itch again.  But I decided to do it differently this time.  This time I am stitching purely for my own enjoyment.

I am not focusing on what I will do with the completed projected.  I am only focusing on stitching whatever catches my fancy.  Even if that means that it then remains in a box.  I am here to enjoy the process: picking out my next pattern; deciding which fabrics to use; which color threads.  Deciding if this pattern will be framed, made into a bag or a pincushion, or if this one will be just for the tactile and visual enjoyment while I am working on it.  This time it is all for me.  And I am loving it!

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